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NewsMODU Sushi has been working closely with Blue C Sushi as they bring their one of a kind Sushi restaurant experience to California. In 2013 using MODU Sushi Conveyors they opened their first location in Hollywood California. MODU Sushi and Blue C are working together on future sites which include Newport Beach, San Francisco, and Tarzana. To learn more about Blue C Sushi please visit them at

MODU Sushi each year goes through an intense qualification inspection by the governing body of NSF International. Since 2010, MODU Sushi has proudly displayed the NSF approval mark on all of its Sushi Conveyor Systems. We are the only US supplier of a fully compliant NSF Sushi Conveyor. Please note that most imported conveyors are not NSF approved and that most states health codes require the NSF approval on their restaurant equipment. To find out more about NSF pleased visit

Sushi Gami in Sawgrass Mills Mall chooses MODU Sushi to develop custom conveyor system for their truly one of a kind Sushi restaurant. Sushi Gami brings their unique design flare to Sunrise, FL and the restaurant is a hit. Please visit Sushi Gami at

Modu Sushi relocates business to new 12,000 sq. ft. factory located in Williamsburg, VA. The new factory allows MODU Sushi to do a 100% quality run off on all its conveyor systems prior to shipping them to their new homes. The conveyor system run for 48 hours to make sure that all the systems are working to the high quality levels required by MODU Sushi. Please feel free to come by and visit MODU Sushi located at 1715 Endeavor Drive, Williamsburg, VA. We look forward to seeing you.

Kula Sushi has chosen to use exclusively the MODU Sushi Conveyors System in all their new restaurants located in California, the following locations are using the MODU Sushi Conveyor Systems; Rancho Cucamonga, Brea, Torrance, and Laguna Hills. Please visit Kula at

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